PQ Verein - Tasks

Introduction and further development of a prequalification system for companies in the construction and construction industry in the procurement of public building contracts in Germany.

Prequalification is the pre-emtion, order-independent examination of the proof of suitability according to the requirements defined in § 6 VOB /A or § 6 EU VOB /A (cf. also explanations on the website of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building). This will allow any company interested in public procurement to proof its suitability to contracting authorities at significantly reduced costs.

Serach for approved economic operators

Serach in the official list of approved economic operators PQ-VOB

Request PQ for economic operators

Prequalification according PQ-VOB for economic operators by prequalification offices licenced by the PQ-Verein

Request Login

Request for public contracting authorities or their authorised agents to access the offical list if approved economic operators PQ-VOB