About us

In this section we would like to introduce ourselves - who we are, which tasks and goals we pursue. In addition, we would like to give you an insight into our organisational structure. Further information can also be found in our online brochure.

Online Broschüre
  • Purpose and tasks of the association

    The purpose of the association is the introduction and further development of a prequalification system for companies in the construction industry for public construction contracts on the basis of the guideline of prequalification for construction companies.

  • Articles of association

    Association statues of „Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V."

  • Guideline of Prequalification PQ-VOB

    Establishing and operation of the association was based on the following principles:

  • Meeting of members

    The general meeting (members) is responsible for the affairs of the association and of general importance. Among other things, it decides on amendments to the statutes, accepts the annual report and exonerates the executive committee.

  • Executive committee

    The Executive committee is formed by the Chairman and currently nine other members. It is responsible for all tasks and affairs of the association which are not assigned by law or by the statutes of other organs.

  • Complaints committee

    The Complaints Committee decides on complaints from companies whose requests for prequalification has been rejected by the Qualification Offices in accordance with the Guideline.

  • Membership

    On the one hand we are an association of:
    federal and state ministries, in whose competence building falls, as well as of top organizations of the districts, cities and municipalities, whose members are active as potential clients in the building range and on the other hand of:
    main and trade associations, which represent the interests of the building industry, the building trade and special specialist areas of building and those members who come into question as potential contractors.