Establishing and operation of the association was based on the following principles:

  • Guidelinie of Prequailification of the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building from 13.05.2022
  • Attachment 1 (Prequalification criteria)
  • Attachment 2 (Classification of service areas)

The Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building (Department BW I 7) has introduced on 13.05.2022 a new version of the guideline for the prequalification of construction companies, which will replace the version of 28.08.2019 valid until then as the binding basis for prequalification from 01.10.2022.

Compared to the version dated 29.08.2022, the new edition contains the following changes:


Chapter 3.1.1Reference to Rule 71 SD 6 063 withdrawn or generalised. Institutions responsible for monitoring and supervision specified
Chapter 3.2.2Withdrawn
Chapter 4.1 to 4.3Revision of terms, bodies and responsibilities
Chapter 5Concretisation or supplementation of the criteria of the plausibility check
Chapter 5.1Clarification of the time frame for the company's obligation to notify PQ-relevant changes.
Chapter 6Concretisation of the guideline regarding sub-paragraph 7.7 of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 with regard to certification documentation
Chapter 8.1Concretisation with reference to Chapter 8.2 para 1 letter b
Chapter 8.2 Abs 1Extension of the deletion to include the result of the negative plausibility check (letter d)
Chapter 8.2 Abs 2Concretisation of the deletion in the case of incorrect references to the PQ
Chapter 9New regulation of self-purification with reference to the WReG
Chapter 11Addition of consent to information from the competition register and new regulation on the retention obligation for complaints
Attachment 1: 
No. 5a (NEW):

Electronic query of the competition register

No. 6:New regulation of the proof of self-cleaning measures for circumstances not covered by § 2 WRegG
No. 9:New regulation of the proof of compliance with the payment of minimum wage
Appendix 1: 
No. 2:Requirement to provide an e-mail address of the client, principal and reference provider
Attachment 2:no changes



Der Verein führt eine eingetragene Kollektivmarke - Wort/Bildmarke, welche von den Mitgliedern, den präqualifizierten Unternehmen und den Präqualifizierungsstellen ausschließlich in der eingetragenen Form verwendet werden darf, wobei die präqualifizierten Unternehmen unter der Marke ihre Registriernummer anzugeben haben (vgl. Anlage Markensatzung).