Search for approved economic operators

You can use the 'Search' function to display all prequalified companys of the official list of approved economic operators PQ-VOB. Using the individual search parameters, you can set both the individual service areas of the prequalified companies and the way the results are displayed. Special attention should be paid to the sorting of the results. There is the possibility of random display (without sorting) as well as various sorting options (alphabetical, descending/ascending, etc.).

Please note that the hit list with the companies can be downloaded as a .csv file and read with any text editor or even Excel.


  • How to Use the Search function

    - Preferably, enter ONLY the registration number.
    - The registration number in the official directory PQ-VOB is always in the format 000.123456.
    - If you do not receive a hit, the company is currently not prequalified.
    - If you receive more than one hit, you can download the list as a .csv file.

  • Note on Service ranges

    Construction services are mapped in the official directory PQ-VOB in the 'service range'. If the construction service you are looking for is not listed in our service range, please use the mappings in the searchable PDF below to find the assigned service range.