Note on availability

The official list of approved economic operators does not currently contain prequalified companies for all service ranges and regions. However, it will be continuously expanded.

A prequalification in the service areas 611-01 "comprehensive construction work for new buildings" or 611-02 "construction in existing buildings" according to area B, Annex 2 to the Guideline also includes the coordination of the individual services of the Technical Building Equipment Group in the relevant construction project. The prequalification thus includes all services of "turnkey construction".

A prequalification in service area 611-03 "comprehensive construction works for technical building services", on the other hand, can only include the coordination of individual services of the group "technical building services" (113-01 to 113-09) in accordance with area A, Annex 2 to the Guideline.

Current data records are added to the Internet list as soon as they are available and checked.