How to Use the Search function

Here is a guide to the search for approved economic operators:

1) You know the registration number of the approved economic operator

Preferably ONLY enter the registration number - as this is only assigned once, you will receive a hit if the economic operator currently is prequalified. If you do not receive a hit, please check the entered number which must be in the format 000.123456. If you still do not receive a hit, the company is currently not prequalified.

Note: For new entries or re-entry into the official list of approved economic operators, there may be a delay of 1 or 2 days for the economic operator to appear.

2) You know the name of the company and the approximate zip code

Enter the name and the postcode in the corresponding fields, click on one of the given km in the 'Surroundings' field.

Please note that if you enter several words for the name, e.g. "Mustermann GmbH", the results will be displayed for both "Mustermann" and "GmbH" (analogous to the Google search) - for this reason it is better to search only for "Mustermann".

Note: The radius search only works with the postcode, not with the town!

3) You are looking for a company to carry out special work for you (e.g. flooring work)?

Enter the postal code in the corresponding field, select the radius in the 'Surrounding' field and click on one of the specifications in the 'Sevice range' field (e.g. 112-06 for flooring work). You will be shown all corresponding companies within a radius of the specified postcode.

Please note that the hit list with the companies can be downloaded as a .csv file and read with any text editor or even Excel.