Information for contractors

1. General

Companies in the main construction and ancillary construction trades can prove their suitability for public construction contracts in Germany by submitting a prequalification to the prequalification offices commissioned by the PQ-Verein. In this case, the companies inform the public contracting authorities that they are prequalified, stating the registration number.

The pre-qualification consists of a continuously updated list of the evidences of technical knowledge, reliability and performance submitted according to § 6 VOB/A or § 6 EU VOB/A. However, the proofs of suitability confirmed with the prequalification do not contain any information on the economic stability of bidders or on quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations or the responsible building supervisory authority. For this purpose, the public contracting authority may take special precautions. This also applies to special contract-related proofs of suitability.

The official list of approved economic operators has a part freely accessible to the public and a part protected by a password. The part which is freely accessible to the public contains the name, address, range of services and registration number of the approved economic operators.

The password-protected part of the official list of approved economic operators contains the certificates of suitability submitted to the prequalification offices for the evaluation of the prequalified company in accordance with § 6 VOB/A or § 6 EU VOB/A. This data will be treated confidentially. Access to the documents for the purpose of the aptitude test is only granted to public contracting authorities and commissioned companies who are registered at the PQ-Verein. Any commercial use or passing on of the data, or use or passing on of the data not serving the purpose of prequalification, is prohibited.

The approved economic operators can access (only read) this data at any time by means of a password, which they receive from the prequalification office with the prequalification.

Currently, everyone has the possibility to obtain online access to the public part of the list of approved economic operators. Please fill out the application form and send it to the PQ-Verein. Further information on the online access and its possibilities of use are linked here.

The "Verein für die Präqualifikation" carries the displayed word mark as the logo:

Approved economic operators are entitled to use this association logo under certain conditions and by stating the registration number.

2. Supplementary Versions

The validity of the evidences results from the current Internet excerpt. This does not affect the consideration of current findings of the public contracting authorities with the company concerned. In connection with the prequalification, approved economic operators have the option of having "Additional Evidence" added to the PQ list on their own responsibility and independently of the prequalification in accordance with the Annex "Additional Evidence".

Additional evidence related to the specific order (order-related data) may be required. This may include, for example, evidence of the professional competence of tenderers in relation to the technical requirements of the works tendered for or information on economic performance and may also include the scope of the services.