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Secretary of State presents homepage for prequalified construction companies...

  • Secretary of State presents homepage for prequalified construction companies...

    For construction companies bidding for public contracts, there has been a significant improvement since today. They can now prove their suitability more quickly, less bureaucratically and more cheaply. This was explained in Berlin by Parliamentary State Secretary Achim Großmann..

    Up to now, the suitability of a construction company has had to be re-examined every time a public contract is published. Companies now have the option of being tested at the beginning of a year on a voluntary basis. "This procedure is called prequalification and is a kind of seal of quality. The companies that have thus proven their reliability will now be listed on the Internet. This means that any public building authority can access the data," said Großmann.

    Up to now, companies have incurred costs of 150 to 250 euros per proof of suitability. These costs can now be significantly reduced. Each of the approximately 1.2 million construction contracts will be completed more quickly. In addition, the procedure will make it easier to combat illegal practices in the construction industry. The State Secretary called on the German construction companies to participate and at the same time appealed to the public clients to make intensive use of the online list. "The success of the system depends on the committed participation of the companies," said Großmann.

    Prequalified construction companies can be viewed at in future. Public authorities are granted access to the detailed view of the proofs of suitability.

    German and foreign companies interested in public works contracts can prove their suitability at various locations, irrespective of the company's registered office. A list of these PQ-Stellen can be found on the Internet at

    • Großmann: Quality seal for construction companies online as of today